Un footing ouvert à tous (course, marche sportive et nordique, …), gratuit et sans inscription, pour découvrir ou redécouvrir la ville de La Rochelle à travers un parcours de 4 km. A l’arrivée, une collation gourmande offerte par l’association et des lots à gagner !

Association Challenge

Take part in the "Chauffe-gambettes" (literally: Pins Warming up) run in teams! 

Open to all associations, the challenge will reward the 3 winning teams with prizes, in partnership with Léa Nature, amounting to: 500€ for the first team, 300€ for the second, and 200€ for the third. The winners will be selected according to the number of participants and their originality (costume, animation...). Just gather the maximum number of runners, and sign up for the Challenge!


The Chauffe-Gambettes collector's t-shirt will be on sale for €2 at the Marathon Village on Friday November 24 (3 p.m.-8 p.m.) and in the Chauffe-Gambettes start area on Saturday November 25 (from 8:30 a.m.). This sale is the result of a partnership with Léa Nature, which this year donated €1,000 to the “À DOS DE LIBELLULE” association.

À Dos de Libellules is a nature discovery association, with multifaceted eyes, which offers games, explorations, walks and creations, outside! With all audiences!

In this exterior changing every day and every season, whether on the paths, in the fields, woods or marshes, let us seize the opportunity to move our bodies, open our senses, take the time to observe, learn to be together, helping each other, creating... This is to encourage the reconnection of individuals to nature, their wonder and their curiosity in the face of plants and animals from nearby, ordinary nature. The activities take place around the towns of Tonnay-Charente and Ballon. 

A Dos de Libellule

Nature explored with multifaceted eyes!!

Marie 0623069317/ Natacha 0683431673

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