The 33rd edition of the La Rochelle-Serge Vigot Marathon is launched!
Once again, we are impatient to thrill, with you, at all the events of the 33rd edition: the 10 km, the Duo, the Business Challenge, without forgetting the Chauffe-Gambettes, the Handi Courses and, of course, our Marathon.

We have done everything we can to make this new edition a celebration, once again. But we know, since last year's windbreaker mishap, that anything can happen, at any time, no matter how seriously and professionally we prepare for such an event.
This unfortunate episode, however, highlighted our determination to resolve a rather complex problem. We are very happy !

Pour bien accueillir athlètes et accompagnant-e-s, le village, avec ses 60 exposant-e-s, le bar, la remise des dossards et notre boutique reste un lieu très attractif et animé.
Le samedi, à notre soirée PASTA, renommée, vous pourrez partager pâtes, bien entendu, et bonne humeur.

On November 24, 2024, the cobblestones of La Rochelle will echo, once again, with the strides of experts or neophytes of those hungry for asphalt. here is the program

8:45 a.m.: Start of the 10km, Av Leclerc

8:57 a.m.: Start of the Handi races, Quai Maubec

9:00 a.m.: Start of the Marathon, Duo and Business Challenge, quai Maubec and Louis Durand

Our organization is also strongly involved in the eco-responsible label to which we are very attached. We try, year after year, to limit the ecological impact of our events. This objective, to be achieved, must be shared by everyone and we are counting on you to support us in this process.

Faithful to the founding values ​​of the La Rochelle Serge Vigot Marathon, we maintain free registration for job seekers, we offer visibility to an association chosen for its human commitment, and this year the registration fees are n 'do not increase on all tests!!

Everything is therefore ready to welcome more than 13,000 runners on Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November 2024, not counting the numerous accompanying people and spectators.

Every year I remind you of this, but it is important to emphasize, once again, that this great success is the result of collective work carried out by the members of the office, the members of the association and of course, our employees.

The support of our public and private partners is also a central element of the good financial health of our event, which I can only rejoice about.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I welcome you and invite you to take advantage of the 33rd. edition of the La Rochelle Marathon Serge Vigot.

Happy racing to all.



For the Association

Marathon de La Rochelle Serge Vigot

Its President

Dominique ROUGÉ

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