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Art. 1.
La Rochelle Marathon organization plans on Sunday 29th of November 2020 a 10km race.

Art. 2.
The race is open to licensed and non-licensed runners born in 2005 or before (minimum age 16 years old). All runners under 18 must supply a parental authorization.

Art. 3.
The race will start at 8:45 a.m on General Leclerc avenue. The finish line is located at St Jean d’Acre parking lot.

Art. 4.
In accordance with article 20 of C.N.C.H.S. rules, every accompanying person, notably on bike or rollerskate, is forbidden, or else the competitor will be disqualified.

Art. 5.
There will be food and drink stations at km 4,5 and km 9 as well as at the finish area.

Art. 6.
The registration fee is 15€ and includes “B-Tag ChronoTrack” as timing system.

Art. 7.
All non-licensed runners must supply an original medical certificate or a copy, with a date subsequent to 30 november 2019 and stating that there is no medical contraindication to sport or running in competition. Runners are expressly reminded that they take part in the race at their own risk.

Art. 8.
Every competitor has to verify its registration by consulting the participant’s list on the Marathon website.

Art. 9.
Race numbers will only be issued on presentation of the Race Entry Card (download middle of November on our website), at Marathon Village (open from 3 to 8 pm on Friday November 27th and from 9 am to 8:30 pm on Saturday November 28th). A proof of identity will also be required. No number will be sent by post or issued on the Sunday morning.

Art. 10.
To ensure good conditions for the race, registrations are limited to 3 000 runners for the 10km race.

Art. 11.
Every finisher will receive an official tee-shirt and a surprise gift. There is no performance bonus.

Art. 12.
Prize giving will take place in the auditorium of the Encan centre at 3pm on Sunday 29th November 2020, before the Marathon prize giving. The first three women and first three men from scratch results will be called on the podium.

  Art. 13.
The race number has to be placed in front, is assigned to an individual and can not be transferred to any other person or any other race as the Marathon or Companies Challenge. Anyone who gives his/her number to another person will be responsible in case of an accident of this person during the race.

Art. 14.
The organizers reserve the right to cancel the race in the event of a natural disaster or any other circumstances beyond its control which could endanger competitor’s safety. In case of such a cancellation, competitors would not be able to claim a reimbursement of any kind.
Exceptional modification for 2020 edition :
If the 2020 edition had to be canceled due to Covid 19, The Marathon of La Rochelle Serge Vigot has decided on giving three choices to runners concerning their registration fees : transfer to 2021 edition (28th november 2021) OR full refund of registration fees, with no penalties (at the latest on 31st january 2021) OR donation of part or full registration fees to the La Rochelle Serge Vigot Marathon association.

Art. 15.
Eco-friendly Marathon – Respect of environment. The organizers are very attached to the respect of environment, and remind every competitor of respecting the areas crosses by the race. It is strictly forbidden to get rid of waste on the route (papers, packaging, cup…). Bins are placed on every refreshment point and every “collect zone” (there are indicated collect zones every one kilometre). Competitors must keep their waste with them until they find a bin. The direction can give time penalties or disqualify competitors who throw their waste outside these dedicated areas.

Art. 16.
The organizers are not responsibles in case of theft or loss of personal effects which may happened during the week-end of the event.

Art. 17.
All competitors expressly authorize the organizers of the Serge Vigot La Rochelle Marathon, as well as their sponsors, partners and press contacts, to use or keep any image either still or moving on which they might  appear, taken during their participation in the Serge Vigot La Rochelle Marathon, for any purpose including promotional and publicity material, in any part of the world and for the longest period allowed by the law, by regulations, and by current treaties including any extensions which might be authorized to this time limit, pursuant to the law named « Informatique et Libertés » dated January 6, 1978.

Art. 18.
The personal data collected on the registration form is necessary to organize the race. It might be kept or be used for sending information or prospecting (newsletter for instance).

Art. 19.
Every competitor ackowledges having made acquainted with these rules and accepts every clause. We remind that every competitor should be responsible for his/her ability to participate to the race, even if a medical certificate have been given.

Art. 20.
The organizers can change these rules at every moment if they will be forced to, due to safety reasons or decision of the authorities. If a new version of these rules is published, modifications come into effect as soon as the publication is online and apply to every competitor. The organizers advise competitors to look at these rules from time to time, and can not be held responsibles for any damage resulting from a misinterpretation or use of obsolete information.